What to Look for In a Home Tour

As a realtor, my absolute favorite thing to do is view homes for sale. I enjoy looking at homes as much as I enjoy shopping. I have no idea why I’m so infatuated with looking at homes for sale but I think it has something to do with the individuality of each home.  I try to make this as fun and exciting for my home buying clients, instead of stressful and confusing. Here are a few of my tips for a home search tour:

  1. Plan your home tour, with as little commute time in between each house as possible. This will make traveling to each house easy and quick. This step is a part of the realtor’s duties to you.
  2. Keep a notepad or tablet with you during the tour to take notes of each house.
  3. Use your imagination. Once inside a house envision yourself living there. Where would your furniture go? What would be your morning routine? Where would you park your car?
  4. Think about the neighborhood. Is shopping and dining nearby? Are there recreational activities available? Is school or work close enough?
  5. Determine immediate needs. Will the home need immediate renovations? Will carpet need immediate replacement? Is the paint fairly new?
  6. Know your benefits for each home. How much will you receive towards down payment assistance? Is there a neighborhood watch or Home Owners Association? Are there seller incentives at closing?
  7. Never lose sight of your home search criteria. If you have to have a garage, make sure you are only looking at homes with a garage. Viewing homes that only meet your criteria is less confusing for everyone involved.
  8. Find your perfect home by weighing the pros and cons from the notes you have taken.

There you have it. You have just completed your home search tour and tackled your first victory in te home buying process. It is easier said than done but the most important thing to do is never lose sight of your criteria. You have the opportunity to get something that you really want, and I say go for it! I love being a part of this process for others and helping them get the most out of the home tour. If this information has been helpful share it with someone that would benefit from this.


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