Four Lessons Learned

My first year anniversary was a few months ago but I’m still reflecting on what I had to learn in order to make it a great year. Most of these lessons could help others thinking about becoming an agent or any other sales professional. These lessons have helped me become a better overall realtor for my clients.

1. Fake caring is out, not sure when it was ever in, but some agents still swear by it. Today’s generation does not care how many times you call them within 3 months or how many hand-written notes you send them. This will not make them chose you as their realtor. They want to know that you are professional and can make their transaction smooth with as little effort as possible on their end, and that you genuinely care. If you forget to send little Timmy a birthday card, you will still get their business if you are good at what you do.

2. Education is First, in life and in a career. Before doing any transaction in real estate a course and a state exam is required, but going beyond the course is what matters. Getting more education from the local realtor association, real estate podcasts, mentors, masterminds, books, and conferences is what has really shaped my business. In any career, soaking up as much information and putting it to practice is the key to success.

3. Educate your clients, by letting them know how your process works and what to expect throughout the transaction. As humans we do not know everything but we are naturally more comfortable in situations when we know what to expect. Providing that sense of assurance and comfort for my clients has had a great impact on my referrals and recommendations to other clients.

4. Systems are Real, and putting them into place is beneficial. I’ve heard that systems matter for entrepreneurs before I became a realtor but I tried to overlook it. I’ll admit this is still something that I am working on, by adding new processes and tweaking my systems monthly. Without a system, McDonald’s wouldn’t be the largest fast food chain in the world. Their customers know exactly what to expect each time they enter a McDonald’s and their employees can go to any location and work the same exact way because there are systems in place. Having systems as a realtor provides more of an efficient schedule, which  provides more business.

5. People don’t like Salesmen, they like what they like, so no matter how much you try to convince them that they should buy a particular home it will not be theirs unless they like it. Knowing why someone needs to buy or sale a home is key to closing a sale. Finding facts about a home or the sale of a home that will directly benefit the client, is the only way to sale. Help solve a problem and the sells will come!



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