All I Do is Win

If you want to win you must have a winners mentality. This goes for any situation by any means, and is especially essential for the biggest investment of your lifetime. When there are multiple buyers bidding on your home, you’re are winning. When you’re one of the buyers in the bid, you’ll need to use these following tips to make sure you win.

  • Stand Out – When presenting your offer, present something that makes you stand out. Every one is going to submit that  same contract with black letters on white pages so go the extra mile to make yourself noticeable. Include a picture of your family in front of the house, write a simple note, or have your realtor outline the terms of your offer just to save the seller some time.


  • Don’t Be Greedy – You must be fully prepared to purchase a home if you are actively searching. If you are not fully prepared desperation sets in. A seller can tell you’re desperate when you’re asking for the full closing costs to be paid by seller and when you’re not offering at least 1% as the earnest money deposit amount.


  • Early Bird Beats Them All – Be the first one in the house if possible. The local MLS and some real estate company websites can notify you as soon as a new listing hits the market. If you see a house online that looks like it might be the one, go see it asap and put in your offer asap. You never know, that early offer could eliminate all other offers especially if each of these tips are followed!

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