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Life is not meant to be lived in a way where we do what we think others want. Life is about living for what you need. What do you value? What do you believe? What do you desire?

When answering these  questions think about how they apply to you as a home buyer or when selling your home.  As the decision maker in this process you are responsible for staying true to your needs.  As one of the most important transactions of your life, it can be easy to let your guard down and go with the flow. Here are a few tips to help you stay true to your needs during the process.

Know Your Needs: Knowing your needs gives you a definite foundation. If you are buying a home know exactly what you need in a home before searching. If you are selling know exactly what price range and terms you are willing to accept. Knowing your needs will help keep your eyes on the reward and prevent distractions along the way. For instance,  If you are searching for homes near a certain school district but having a difficult time finding the right one, don’t give up. Stay true to your needs of owning a home in that district and in due time you will find the perfect house for your family. You may have to adjust the size of the home or a few features to find a home in that school district but don’t give up if that is your need.

Be Realistic: Know your needs but be realistic also. Use your budget and approval amount to help set your desires. For example, a $200,000 home may not have the 6 bedrooms you need and a $200,000 may not be in the best school district. Im not saying these things are not possible, I am only advising to be realistic. When selling a home put yourself in the buyers place. Think about when you were a home buyer and what attracted you to your home. Does your home still provide that same satisfaction? Is there anything that can be done to bring the home to its original condition?

Be Optimistic: This entire process can be frustrating but I like to motivate my clients with optimism. Affirm that you will find exactly what you need. You will find the right buyer for your house. You will find the perfect home for your family at the right time. Affirm that whatever is meant for you will be for you. With these affirmations it will be hard to lose sight of your needs because you are affirming out loud that it is already yours.

The truth is a way of life that provides freedom and solace for those who seek it. Staying true is a verb which means you are practicing this way of life. In general, we all should stay true to our values, morals, spouses, beliefs, passions, and etc. Staying true protects your identity.  How you handle the process of buying or selling a home says a lot about who you are.  It’s easy to get lost in the process and let your guard down just remember to stay true.



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