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Sell My House Fast: Eliminating the Hype of “Cash Fast” Bandit Signs

Do you really want to sell your home quickly or do you want to get the most value for your money? If you fall for the signs the you’ve seen around town you are aware that selling your house fast means, taking whatever amount someone offers in cash. The problem is that the cash offer may be thousands of dollars less than what your home is actually worth. Not everyone will receive a bad cash offer but to make sure you are getting the best deal consider these steps before offering your home for sale.

  1. Get a pre-inspection: This puts you ahead of the game and ensures any buyer that they are making a great investment. You can offer buyers a copy of the inspection report and any repairs you recently completed to let them know your home is move in ready. It also gives buyers less opportunity to negotiate on your price. Costs: $300-$500
  1. Get the home “show- ready”: Before selling your car wouldn’t you wash the pollen off, add some tire shine, and wipe the dashboard? Of course you would if you expect to receive the price you’re selling it for. So why not do that for your home. Present your home to potential buyers in the best way possible. Clean the floors,  dust ceiling fans and base molding, pressure wash the exterior, store away clutter, organize cabinets and closets, and etc. Making sure your home is “show-ready” guarantees the best value proposition. Costs: $100+
  1. Get your home staged: A professional stager/designer can turn your home from raggedy bachelor pad to cozy family home. Decorating each room so that it fits every buyer is a talent in itself. Staging is probably the most expensive option. Before renting furniture try a free consultation with a stager to help you determine the layout and placement of furniture. $125+

These are a few of my tricks to selling a home fast. Remember most buyers are looking for price compared to value. Make them feel like the value is far greater than the price you are asking and you’ll definitely sell your house fast.



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